Using Torrents and Usenet to Get TV Shows and Movies

Consuming media in the internet age is easier than ever. But sometimes you would also think that the costs are getting more expensive than ever before. Cable prices are going through the roof, and even streaming services are multiplying. In the past, you could subscribe to a couple of streaming services and you got most of the shows you wanted to see. Now you need to subscribe to four or five if you want to get most shows, and that can cost anywhere from $50 to $80 a month. Is there an alternative?

If you are not the type of person who feels bad about pirating content, then we think you should look into Torrents and Usenet. We will start off by saying these methods are NOT legal, and you are not supporting content creators when you use these methods. But, they will get the job done for you. Maybe some shows are just not available in your country, or you do not have the money to spend on so many streaming services each month. It is not our place to judge. We will just give you the tools to unlock the content you want to see.

Whether you want to watch movies or TV shows, using Torrents and Usenet is easy. With torrents, you are going to want to also pay for a VPN each month. This should not cost you more than $8 or $9 per month, but it does help out a lot. It means that your IP address is completely masked, so no one can tell that you are the person who is torrenting something. And if you do not want to get caught by your ISP or a media company, a VPN is your best friend. With Usenet, you do not need VPNs, as all traffic is encrypted anyway.