How to Get More Likes on YouTube

If you want to get popular using YouTube, you need to create videos that are appealing before you do anything else. Videos should follow current trends whenever possible, and always be produced in high-quality with great video and sound. And, of course, the video should be entertaining to pique the interest of the viewer. Video length is also a factor in the number of people watching the video that you’ve uploaded. A video of two minutes in length does the best on YouTube. Aside from these tidbits, how can you get more likes on your YouTube videos?

Buy Likes

Did you know that it is possible to buy YouTube likes? When you buy likes, you are getting the numbers under your video to increase, causing more people interested in what you’ve uploaded. If you’ve created a worthwhile video, you are on your way to great things when you buy YouTube likes. This is an affordable way to do big things and many people have discovered this firsthand. Do not be out in the cold wondering how other people are doing it when the secret is being shared here with you!

Promote Yourself

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There are tons of social media sites out there. Use them to your advantage each time you upload a video, sharing a link to the video and posting it in your groups and elsewhere. The more that you promote yourself, the better the results you’ll get. Of course, social media is only one avenue that you can use to promote yourself, so don’t be shy. Get creative and great things can happen.

Tell Friends

Your friends are always your biggest supporters. When you want to go places with the YouTube videos that you upload, why not ask for their support? Friends can share the video for you, ask others to watch it, and more. Why not ask them to like your video and get others to do the same? What are friends for, after all?


You should try to leave replies to those who comment on your video. It shows your personable side and people really want to see that these days. But, do not stop with only leaving replies. Make yourself known on other channels, and laws promote back to your page!

Upload Frequently

Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. Ensure that you are fresh in the mind of subscribers and fans by making frequent video uploads. It is up to you to determine how often you upload, but remember that you want to stay fresh in the minds of your viewers.

There are many ways to promote your videos and get the likes that you want to get ahead. It is up to you to decide that it is something that you want and to go for the gold! Use the ideas above to get a ton of likes and get right where you want to be with the promotion of your YouTube videos. What more could you ask for?